This is pure local honey from our apiaries (beehives) located in Wales and Oconomowoc Wisconsin.  The farms where T-Bee-R’s bees are located were selected because they are sites which have the perfect blend of nectar sources to make this outstanding artisan honey. T-Bee-R’s Bees primary sources of nectar are native wildflowers, fruit trees, and clover.  And of course, no out-of-state or imported honey has been added or blended into our honey.


Our natural honey is raw and unfiltered and thus retains all the valuable pollen and potent  antioxidents which are important in health.  This artisan honey is unheated so it retains all the natural and healthy enzymes found in honey which breakdown with heating.

Tom and Marjorie Rice have been active beekeepers since 2004 when Marge purchased a beekeeping kit (minus the bees) as an anniversary gift for Tom. Ever since, they’ve been raising bees and producing honey on their 136-acre parcel of land in Wales, WI.

The  apiary (beehives) location near the village of Wales in Waukesha County which has been managed and naturalized over the past 28 years for native wildflowers, grasses, and trees.  The farm also includes a fruit orchard and natural spring water all of which proved to be an ideal home for the T-Bee-R’s honeybees.  The site provides a perfect blend of fruit trees, wildflowers, and native Wisconsin nectar sources  to produce this truly outstanding flavorful artisan honey.